Clusters 2.0

It will use an Open Network of Logistics Clusters operating in the frame of Ten-T and supporting local, regional and European development, while keeping neutral the local impacts such as congestion, noise, land use and local pollution levels

Clusters 2.0

“If we want to reach the EU objective on modal shift for all transportation beyond 300 km and attract and strengthen competitiveness of local industries at the same time, we need to drive the development of an open collaborative network of hyper connected logistics multimodal clusters building on Ten-T”

CLUSTERS 2.0 will leverage the full potential of European Logistics Clusters for a sustainable, efficient and fully integrated transport system
Living Labs of CLUSTERS 2.0

Proximity Terminal Network & Cluster Community System

Located at Bologna Freight Village and Trieste Port, it will test and validate the Cluster Community System (CluCS)

Symbiotic Network of Logistics Clusters

Connecting TEN-T corridors’ hubs or hubs considered strategic in Clusters 2.0 together

Innovative Cluster Handling Technology

The vision of CLUSTERS 2.0


Enhancing and advancing towards a better co-ordination between logistics actors in clusters


Improving co-ordination and connectivity between European logistics clusters.


Making optimal use of an Open Network of Logistics Clusters

What will CLUSTERS 2.0 provide?


Establishing CargoStream a European wide community for freight sharing and collaboration (demand side)

Asset management

Optimized handover and asset management through real time services at depots and terminals

New Loading Units

Developing New Modular Loading Units and innovative handling and transhipment technology to accelerate handling processes within clusters for road and intermodal modes

Governance models

Newly developed governance models introducing the role of a neutral agent forming the basis for new business model

Enhanced services

Enhanced services on the supply side introducing the concept of Proximity Terminal Networks (PTN) enabled by enhanced information and asset management


Regulation and policy enhancing the set-up of collaborative cluster environments

Projects related to CLUSTERS 2.0
Meet the team of CLUSTERS 2.0

Kick-off meeting at Dourges

The team

Logistics clusters still do not leverage their full potentials. Clusters 2.0 project has taken the challenge and incorporated all different kind of stakeholders that will be involved in specific Business Cases so value of Clusters 2.0 developments is demonstrated for all different kind of stakeholders participating in the logistics chain. One of the success factors of the project is to validate and demonstrate business cases making use of an Open Network of Logistics Clusters.

To achieve that, Clusters 2.0 incorporates the variety of organizations, roles and competences needed to succeed in this great challenge. It is worthwhile, stressing that many different distinctive key roles and competences are covered with the 29 Clusters 2.0 Partners for Clusters 2.0 project implementation.

Networking area

Clusters 2.0 at ITS Hellas Conference 2019

Clusters 2.0 at ITS Hellas Conference 2019 Clusters 2.0 participated in the 5th ΙΤS Hellas Conference on 17th and 18th  December 2019 in Athens, Greece. What is ITS Hellas Conference? ITS Hellas Conference is a major event organised under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. Its aim is to discuss the broad deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) as a tool to achieve economic growth and prosperity and ensure the effectiveness, efficiency and safety of transport for the benefit of…

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Clusters 2.0 Newsletter #5

NEWSLETTER #5                Our fifth CLUSTERS 2.0 Newsletter is ready for you! You will find: • An interview with Paolo Paganelli from Bluegreen about Innovation management; • An insight into Massification workshops; • The latest news about Clusters 2.0 solutions: CluCS, NMLU, SlotBooking Application; • An overview of our past and upcoming events and much more! READ THE NEWSLETTER #5

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Clusters 2.0 at IPIC 2019

Clusters 2.0 at IPIC 2019 Clusters 2.0 participated as a sponsor in the International Physical Internet Conference (IPIC) in London from 9th to 11th July 2019. What is IPIC? IPIC (International Physical Internet Conference) is a global forum to explore, discuss and keep updated with the latest and future developments of physical internet applications. IPIC attracts every year bussinesspeople, researchers and decision makers from all over the world with a unique offer of learning and networking activities. Why did Clusters…

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David Quesada from Enide presenting Clusters 2.0 at SIL Barcelona.

Clusters 2.0 at SIL 2019

Enide presented Clusters 2.0 at the Salón Internacional de la Logística y de la Manutención in Barcelona on 27th June 2019. What is SIL? SIL (Salon Internacional de la Logística y de la Manunención de Barcelona) is the leading exhibition for logistics, transport, intralogistics and supply chain in Southern Europe. It takes place every year in Barcelona, Spain. According to their dossier, the 21st edition in 2019 hosted more than 650 companies, 250 events and 200 speakers from all over…

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Alice Benini from IBI presenting Clusters 2.0 in Bologna, Italy.

Cluster Community System (CluCS) presented in Bologna

Cluster Community System (CluCS), a solution by Clusters 2.0, was presented by consortium members to potential external partners on 12th June 2019 in Bologna, Italy. What is CluCS? Cluster Community System (CluCS) is an IT platform leveraging synergies between logistics and intermodal nodes through the efficient management of information and operations of the supply chain. The IT platform will be initially tested in the rail and road connections between Interporto Bologna and other logistics nodes of the Emilia-Romagna region. Then, it will…

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Alice Benini from IBI presenting Clusters 2.0 at the Transport Logistic 2019.

Clusters 2.0 at Transport Logistic 2019

Several members of the Clusters 2.0 consortium participated in The Transport Logistic in Munich from June 4 to 7 2019. What is Transport Logistic? Transport Logistics is the largest trade fair in the world for logistics, transport, IT and supply management. It takes place every other year in Munich, Germany. According to their final report, the 2019 edition counted more than 2,300 exhibitors and around 64,000 participants from 125 countries. Why did Clusters 2.0 participate? As a promoter of innovative solutions…

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Clusters 2.0 Newsletter #4

NEWSLETTER #4                 Our fourth CLUSTERS 2.0 Newsletter is ready for you! You will find: • An interview with Alice Benini from Consorzio IB Innovation (Interporto Bologna SpA Group) about CluCS; • The latest news about the first NMLU prototype; • The publication of the month by Milos Milenković from Zaragoza Logistics Center; • An overview of our past and next events, including DocksTheFuture 2019, the third EHLIG meeting and the IPIC conference and much more! [READ THE NEWSLETTER…

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Communication 2.0

Clusters 2.0 is excited to announce its brand-new LinkedIn page and YouTube channel! In its strive to reach for the widest audience possible for its results, Clusters 2.0 started two new different communication channels. The LinkedIn page was needed to spread the project results beyond the boundaries of the LinkedIn group, which allows a lively conversation only among its members. Thus, we aim at fostering the visibility of Clusters 2.0 among all LinkedIn users. Additionally, the new Youtube channel will not only enlarge the project’s audience by…

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Introduction to Clusters 2.0

How can we improve sustainable transportation and logistics? Clusters 2.0 is addressing this challenge through transport planning and optimisation with European Logistic Clusters. Check out this introductory video to learn more: CLUSTERS 2.0 uses an Open Network of Logistics Clusters operating in the frame of Ten-T and supporting local, regional and European development, while keeping neutral the local impacts such as congestion, noise, land use and local pollution levels. Interested in knowing more? Subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

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Third EHLIG meeting held in Amsterdam

The third European High Level Industry Group (EHLIG) meeting was hosted by the consortium partner Argusi in Amsterdam on 10th April. Similarly to its previous editions, the event gathered together logistics experts and high-level executives to discuss and give feedback on the results and innovation brought by Clusters 2.0. Alice Benini from Consorzio IB Innovation presented Clusters Community System (CluCS), while Ton Bertens (Vaneck Group), Marcel Huschebeck (PTV) and Frans Cruijssen (ArugusI) presented other solutions developed in the project. Want to know more…

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Clusters 2.0 project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 723265

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