Clusters 2.0 Deliverables

Clusters 2.0 List of deliverables:

  • D7.1_Communication strategy and plan (1)
  • D7.2 Dissemination material (1)
  • D2.1 Scoping Logistics Clusters
  • D2.2 Cluster building blocks: Proximity Terminal Network potentialities
  • D3.1_CNI Description of the minimal data set (1)
  • D3.2_CNI API Description (1)
  • D4.1_Specification sheet of designated NMLU (1)
  • D4.4 Reliable train-truck horizontal transhipment prototype
  • D7.3_Engagement Activities Plan
  • D1.1 Market Analysis
  • D1.4 Exploitation Handbook
  • D4.2 Reliable NMLU prototype
  • D2.3 Cluster Community System requirements and architecture
  • D2.4 Cluster Community System Tool
  • D2.5 Handbook for Smart Clusters development
  • D3.3 Collaboration methodology within logistics clusters
  • D3.5 Rail Freight Operators Service mapping
  • D3.6 Network Design Model describing current European flows across clusters: as is
  • D7.5 Policy adaptation and standardization recommendations
  • D4.3 Prototype trucks for fast and reliable transhipment of NMLUs
  • D3.4 Collaboration methodology in between logistics clusters
  • D3.8 Scenarios and tools for shipment planning and asset optimisation for logistics clusters networks
  • D4.5 Dynamic Terminal Management System
  • D3.7 Optimization and assessment tool for sustainable collaboration through clusters: to be
  • D5.8 High-level reports on progress of Living Labs
  • D6.3 Living Lab evaluation analysis and Clusters Assessment Report
  • D6.4 Environmental and socio-economic performance assessment of Clusters 2.0

(1) pending of EC acceptation

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Clusters 2.0 project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 723265
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