CargoStream solution

CargoStream solution

CargoStream is a platform solution for Clusters Network Integration (CNI).

Market sector addressed: Shippers of Consumer Goods.

Client profile: Large shippers of CPGs (Consumer Packaged Goods). The CargoStream users are companies with an open mindset towards collaboration, sustainability and intermodality. They are large shippers, e.g., CPG manufacturers, who have transportation flows which are above 600 kilometres in an open network.

Problem to solve: Enable horizontal supply chain collaboration. CargoStream addresses the challenge of increase volumes enough to scale up horizontal collaboration on industrial level. Horizontal collaboration between supply chain stakeholders  enables:

  • Load optimization and empty km reduction,
  • Modal shift, moving transportation from road to rail or inland waterways.

Business opportunity: CARGOSTREAM concept has a great potential to create sustainable value, while it is operating in a market which has the potential to be highly attractive.

Value Proposition: Build scale for horizontal collaboration through the bundling of freight volumes. CargoStream enables shippers to bundle their transportation needs with other shippers, to:

  • Eliminate inefficiencies in road transportation, e.g., increasing load factor, reducing empty km.
  • Shift freight from road to rail and other modes.
  • Lower freight transportation environmental and social impact

Solution: CargoStream is an independent Pan-European platform on which shippers, intermodal terminals, rail & barge operators, logistic service providers and value-added services providers collaborate by synchronizing supply chain requirements with the right mix of transport services. The platform has the following key features:

  • Discovery of collaboration opportunities. Accessing to aggregated transport demand data across the network of interconnected clusters, CargoStream will provide an extensive database of historical cargo movements for the participating shippers. This leads to discover cargo pooling as well as backhaul trips opportunities
  • Multidimensional collaboration to ensure that benefits generated through cargo bundling and elimination of inefficiencies are shared among all supply chain stakeholders. i.e. discovering new connections and new modal-shift options.
  • Access to value-added services providers (VAS), e.g., trustees and optimizers, and apps providers who offer innovative services and functionalities based on the data made accessible through the platform, allowing optimization of flows and orchestration of collaborations
  • Neutral and open platforme. not owned by a single shipper or logistic services provider. This allows shippers to connect with different services providers via one single data integration effort and avoid a lock-in situation. For VAS and app providers, the platform offers the opportunity to leverage their knowledge without investment in time consuming one-on-one shipper contacts.

Clusters 2.0 project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 723265

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